Kiwis are elusive and rare, so the best way to see them is in captivity. These were spotted at Willowbank Park in Christchurch. The rotund birds are nocturnal, so the park has an indoor exhibit where they are housed in a perpetual artificial night. Red lights glow above the bushes and streams. You must be very quiet. The kiwis scuffle around in the undergrowth, probing the ground with their beaks.

Six kiwi could be seen waddling around, sniffing and snorting. At one point they began to talk, the males letting out high-pitched crieslike a gull, the females responding with hoarse shrieks. 

  The park houses a variety of other New Zealand animals. There were inquisitive kea, alpine parrots attracted to all shiny, colorful things (including cars); weka, a species of round, brown ground bird; and pukeko, leggy blue and  

 black birds with wide feet and no fear of motor vehicles. There were animals from other continents as well, including wallabies and emus, gibbons, deer, and guanaco. 

 Brownbook No. 13

Liner pen, watercolor, and brush

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